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Alecia and Basil to the Elfdesk, please!

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Alecia and Basil, you're newbies here
but we're delighted to see you appear
to help us spread some Christmas cheer
with Santa, elves, and eight reindeer.

Tell us all the things you really love
as well as what you'd just dispose of!
Santa, who flies the skies above,
wants your gifts to fit like a glove.

Basil, hound of the herbaceous name,
what presents would make you exclaim?
Do you like toys and puzzle games,
or do you think they're really lame?

What kinds of foods do you like to eat?
And do you have a favorite treat?
Do you wear coats or cover your feet
when you attend a meet and greet?

And Alecia, our new greyhound friend,
now to your wishlist we must attend.
Is there anything you'd recommend
for your Secret Santa to wrap and send?

What kinds of snacks would make you smile?
Or are home goods really more your style?
We eagerly await the answers you'll compile
and assure you the effort will be worthwhile! :reindeer 


Rachel with Sweep and kitties Olive and Momo.
Always missing my boys Mud and

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Basil here! 
da new grey in town.

i lub real lookin toys

they’re da best onez around!

I lub all da ducks

and fur boys dat squeak

i squeak em til they bust

then Mom can sleep!

my favorite snacks

have to be long

cuz I inhale my food 

and then they all gone :(

but da bigger da better

cuz then I must chew

and taste all the flavor

even if a stink shoe!

we go outside lots

and I strut all my clothes

I love cozy pjs

just not on my toes

i would like a new collar

but if not it’s no bother

i just like fashion statements

makes da other dogs holler!

mom is not picky

she likes everything!

sometimes we share snacks

like blueberries and things

da one thing that’s hers

and I can’t have a lick

is coffee galore

she said it would make me sick! 

thank you dear elf

for passing along

ive never experienced Santa

this will be my first one!



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