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Sleeping together in the bed - will this be a problem in the future?

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My boy has settled in quite nicely now 4 months in, he's been sleeping in the bed with me about a month in after I got him, and it's never been a problem. He moves when asked and has never been startled awake by me, and I've never been awoken by him through the night.


It almost seems a bit too easy. I've been known to move a lot during sleep and I'm not sure if I've nudged him or rolled on him while asleep but if I did it hasn't seemed to bother him as of yet. I'm fairly large (~180 lbs) so if I roll on him the wrong way it'll definitely be bad. If he hasn't been startled as of yet, can I assume that he will be alright from here on out?

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Although you should be OK for him not having sleep startle perhaps for your own piece of mind he should sleep on his own bed next to yours so you don't have to worry about rolling on him.

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It seems that lots of people do allow their hounds to sleep in the bed with them. I suppose the answer to your question is that you won’t know what can go wrong until it has! As long as you understand the risks that you take with this behaviour, and that you understand that you may be woken up at some point by 30kg of teeth and fur which which won’t be your dog’s fault then it’s really up to you. Snuggle away!

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