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Slumberball-like bed 50% off

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The BBB is one of the shadiest outfits there is and is largely a scam operation, so I don't trust their reviews on anything. That being said, it looks like the same bed is sold under the Pupnaps brand in Australia.  Reviews are mixed at best, and several indications that the bed does not wash well or comes apart when washed. While I didn't read every review, this looks a lot like some of the other beds sold on Woot and other discount sites from time to time, so is probably some cheap Chinese-made dog made for bulk resale. 

There are also a lot of bad reviews of FromHooman scattered around the web when you start going through Google, so I think I would avoid this seller, MP. Several of the reviews indicated they will offer a 20% refund and want you to return the product to Hong Kong if you can accomplish making a return with them. 

The same or extremely similar "calming" beds are sold by a number sellers on Amazon as well. https://www.amazon.com/slumber-ball-dog-bed/s?k=slumber+ball+dog+bed

Furhaven recently released their version of a "ball bed."  I'm not sure it's up to the standards of the original slumber ball, but their info makes it sound like they did take nesting into consideration when designing it.  Can be found on Amazon and some of the big pet retailers. https://www.furhaven.com/furhaven-blog/introducing-our-new-ball-beds/

I need to buy a sewing factory and start making real Slumber Balls. :lol



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