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Hope for Hounds, Inc. Thanksgiving Auction on Facebook

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Hope for Hounds, Inc. is pleased to invite you to attend and participate in Hope for Hounds, Inc Mini Auction 2020, from November 24th to December 1 at 9:00 p.m. (EST). 
What:  Hope for Hounds, Inc Mini Auction 2020 to assist with treatments for Sighthounds in conjunction with the important research by the University of Pennsylvania.
When:  November 24, to December 1, 2020
Where:  This is a Facebook auction.  
Hope for Hounds, Inc. mini auction 2020
The Bidding Album is here Auction Album.  Items are coming in now so keep checking.
Why:  Due to multiple factors, the Miss Nellie Auction will not take place until spring.  I didn’t want to lose the Christmas shopping season or the best time to purchase warm knitted items.
Who:  Mercsmom on Greytalk, Elizabeth Purinton in real life.  I’m a WFUBCC member, a crafter for charity, and a college professor (to earn money for more yarn and craft supplies).  I’ve been donating to the Miss Nellie auctions since I first heard about them.  This is my first Facebook auction and I appreciate your support and patience.
To bid:  Place your bid in the Comment section of the item posting.
To donate:  We are accepting donations for The Auction 2019.  We ask that you please notify us of your donation(s) by e-mail at 
atomicflamingo@gmail.com.  Please send a detailed description and clear photo (or more to show details) of each item you wish to donate.  To avoid confusion when donating multiple items, it's best to send separate emails for each item. We ask that you hold your items and ship it to the winner yourself. Please let us know whether or not you will be paying the shipping for your donation or wish to be reimbursed.
To ask questions:  For questions about the auction, please send your inquiries, titling your e-mail "Question", to atomicflamingo@gmail.com and an administrator will reply as soon as possible. To follow the auction and preview some of the awesomely stunning and fun items in this important and meaningful fund raising event, you may go to the official auction link
Helen Keller said, "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much". Join us in remembering the hounds we have lost to cancers and add your support to the important research for the hounds we love and the hounds to come.

You may find more information about Hope for Hounds at 

The cancers that most affect our Sighthounds include osteosarcoma, soft tissue sarcoma, hemangiosarcoma, lymphoma and mast cell cancer.  There are very few within the Sighthound community who have not been touched personally or through family or friends, by at least one of these cancers.  These deadly diseases rob us daily of the precious hounds that grace our lives.  A prevalent cancer affecting our hounds, hemangiosarcoma, is also a cancer of people, so these devastating diagnoses spread their destructive web to many more families beyond just our global Greyhound nation.
Our Sighthound nation is made up of so very many generous and varied individuals, adoption groups, service groups and the racing community.  Because of our collective love of Sighthounds, our global Sighthound community has come together for many years to help the hounds, change perceptions, and fight for their wellbeing in times of injury and illness.  We have gathered one another in our collective embrace to help each other in times of natural disaster, devastating illness, adversity and shared grief as a community when faced with the loss of a much loved human or hound and we have proven that there is strength in numbers.
We ask that you now, or once again, show your support through Hope for Hounds and The Auction, by helping raise the much needed funds for assisting with treatments for Sighthounds in conjunction with the important research by the University of Pennsylvania in finding the CURE for these dreaded diseases in our beloved hounds and loved ones.



Missing my heart dog Liberty, the world's best blackngreylabhound

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