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Can raised hackles be related to pain or uncomfortableness?

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Just found out my dog is very allergic to dust mites via an allergy panel. He’s been itchy and uncomfortable to various degrees for a year. Currently very badly.

He is on: cytopoint, apoquel, Royal Canin ultamino food, an anti-fungal, an anti-biotic

he is improving steadily now that I know to deep clean my place and have set up a filter along with the medication.

the point is: he’s been raising his hackles a lot at night. He naps a lot during the day inbetween walks and playtime and his hackles do not raise unless it’s around post dinner time and post final walk. So starting around 8pm. Wakes up to get water? Hackles. Last night he woke up just to adjust his body position (so not even enough to open his eyes) and his hackles went way up.

This may be unrelated to hackles but we were dealing with an ear infection last week and I was wiping out his ears during this period (post 8pm) and his hackles were up. And he growled at me which is unusual. So I can’t guarantee but the hackles could also mean he is emotionally upset?

I don’t know why then he would raise his hackles when just rolling over in bed.


long backstory: but could hackles be associated with something physiological. Something neural. Or with skin itchiness? Has anyone ever had this almost idiopathic hackles?

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