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Does anyone have experience with treating elbow epicondylitis and degenerative joint disease?

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We adopted Ember (a 3.5 year old male) the beginning of this summer and almost immediately noticed lameness after fun runs and even 20 minutes walks (less noticeable after walks).  After some diagnostic procedures, he was diagnosed with medial epicondylitis and degenerative join disease in one of his elbows.  Basically, he has tennis elbow, calcification of the joint, and arthritis.  We tried platelet-rich plasma therapy about a month ago and also recently started him on Adequan.  He was on limited activity after the PRP at first and we are only up to 10-minute walks at this point, so it's not clear whether it is helping (I think I can see some slight signs of limping even in the house).  I am wondering if other people on here have experienced this with their greys, if so, what kind of therapies they tried and what seemed helpful?  Thanks in advance!

Note:  Ember is our third consecutive greyhound, but this is our first experience with a chronic health condition.

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No personal experience, but if you're curious enough, you can ask for a consult with Dr Couto (greyhound health specialist) through the Greyhound Health Initiative.  It does cost, but you might get a better idea of a treatment direction.

Otherwise I would suspect you're in for lifetime treatment with nsaids and pain meds, and other OTC supplements.  I would also look into cold laster treatments and acupuncture, and possibly some sort of professional canine sports rehab to help him stay mobile for as long as possible - swim therapy, water tank treadmill, canine massage, PT for stretching (like human yoga or pilates).

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