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Exercising your grey when it's cold out

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So we have had a turn in the weather here in the UK and temperatures first thing in the morning when we usually walk are down to 1 degree. My grey will go out but has began freezing early on the walk and refusing to move. I can only put this down to him being too cold, he has a warm coat of course but still seems to be shivering. 

I obviously don't want to force him to go out walking when it's too cold. I'm more worried about getting him the right amount of exercise. Any tips on what to do with exercise during the cold months? I'm guessing 2x 10 minute walks isnt going to be enough. We are also working through seperation anxiety so I'm trying to tire him out too. Thanks!

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The 'freezing' or 'statuing' is a behavioural issue to do with the dog being anxious in the situation in which it finds itself. If you search the topic on here you'll find you are far from alone in needing to deal with it. If your dog is visibly licking its lips then it's a sign that it's worried about something and asking you for some forbearance. In other words; "I'm not a bad dog, just need some help here please." You can sometimes get around issues like this by diverting the dog's attention. At home try to get it to associate a whistle or a hand sign as a cue to get given a treat.  When out walking try to jolly the dog along and not hold the leash too short and tight.  Getting to know another greyhound and its walker is an even easier way to give your dog that extra confidence.  Don't give up, you will get past this.   Cold weather in the UK? A "Blizzard" brand coat is usually adequate, just get one that's slightly too large and then the rain will drip away from the back end.

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These fireworks are a nuisance. Not sure where in the UK you but it hasn’t got cold enough for Buddy to need more than a snood or very thin coat for his walks yet. And when it’s a bit on the chilly side he walks faster rather than standing still. We tend to have shorter walks when it’s warmer rather than in the colder weather, as the exercise will warm him up. But we’ve only had Buddy for two years and we haven’t had a severe winter in that time.

I’ve not got much experience with statuing but when Buddy has done it, it’s been through fear and so we change direction. That’s usually enough of a distraction for us to continue our walk.
If possible, try to walk your hound while it’s still light as there will be fewer fireworks going off then. In a few days they won’t be going off and then you can walk him and work on building his trust in you. It sounds like you maybe haven’t had him for long and if that’s the case, he hasn’t worked out yet that you’re his protector and he can trust you. Just don’t force him to walk, he will recover from the fireworks shock more quickly if he’s allowed to do it at his own pace. Good luck!

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Grace will wear a coat but prefers not to even if it's frosty.

Have patience with the statuing/freezing they do get over it. I have been known to be have seen carrying a greyhound down the road because she refused to move. Frustrating at the time but funny now :D

During the firework season we go for a longer walk in the morning and just a quick comfort walk in the afternoon before it gets dark. I have found an Adaptil plug in diffuser helps to take the edge off Grace's nervousness during this time together with Adaptil express tablets a couple of hours before they start. You might find this also helps with the separation anxiety.

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1degree C equals our 32degrees F. In the north and Midwest that's balmy! The dogs adjust, YES dampness makes it raw. A jumper or lined coat should do the trick. 

As to fireworks some dogs are bomb proof. Some are more sensitive. I haven't administered drugs just crazy good treats during stressful times. 

Farm GH are out in the winter with these crazy thick coats that mother nature has provided them with. 

Try walking with high quality treats, feed and walk.  Keep his mind off of his fears. And walk fast/walk on!

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