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Traveling/hotel stays with a dog with sleep startle

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Adore my dog. His major issue is sleep startle. Learned about it the hard way by getting screamed/lunged/nipped at one night when I went to roll over in bed. I’m not sure what happened in his life before me or if that even matters but he tends to have a lot of what I would describe as night terrors as well as general fear of the dark. So overall not a good combo for sleeping in my bed or bedroom. He currently sleeps in a closed crate in the living room for his and my safety.

I may, post covid, have to take a road trip/cross country move with him. Which will likely be hard as he gets very carsick. But beyond that I realized that hotel stays may be tricky. I really would not trust him to stay off the bed while I am sleeping. Even though he knows the off command. New furniture in a new place. Couldn’t trust him.


crate maybe? He is a reluctant user of crates and it took two months for him to stop screaming at night when in the crate. I fear if I brought his crate and put him in it in a hotel room he would scream bloody murder as he would likely be stressed and nervous. 

I feel there’s no good option.

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