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Hello, we’re having trouble with taking my greyhound for a walk, the first few weeks have been no issue. She was nervous but managed to overcome it.

a few days ago we went for a walk and she kept freezing, i think there were too many cars. Fast forward to today and we went to take her for a walk and she was so scared and refused to move. Ive never seen her tail tucked in so much :(

since then, i feel we have taken 20 steps back! shes scared of us again.

she absolutely loves meeting new dogs though, is it worth a try to just pick her up and put her in the car and take her to the park? We know she will love it when she gets there, just want to reduce the stress leading up to it.


has anyone had experience with something like this? We’re a but unsure of what to do or if this is the best approach.

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I too have been known to be seen carrying a greyhound home because she "superglued" her feet to the pavement :D

It's a common trait with greyhounds and most of us have gone through it in various degrees. When you first got her she would be overwhelmed with all the new sights and sounds and now she's had time to get used to them she's decided that she wants to make sure of some of them and check out if they are dangerous or not, so statues until her brain sorts it out.  But they do get better with time and patience. If she's happy to be taken to the park then do so but don't force the issue.

You could try high value treats to get her moving or walking around in circles or just waiting it out. If this fails you could try how the trainers do it when they are putting the hounds into the traps for a race. You stand to the side of your greyhound and put a couple of fingers under her collar. Then confidently, using the same motion as if you are ten pin bowling take a step forward and apply a forward and slight upward movement to the collar and give the command "Let's Go" and start walking. This worked for Grace and I only had to do it four or five times.


Grace (Ardera Coleen) born 18 June 2014
Raced at Monmore Green, Wolverhampton UK - 68 Races, 9 wins, 5 second places
Gotcha Day 10 June 2018 

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