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Hi all! First off I want to say a quick thank you to everybody, both the newbies posting tons of questions and the experienced folks answering. This forum has been an amazing resource for the first few months of greyhound ownership, and it's so reassuring to see that almost every question/issue I've had has been asked, answered, and overcome by lots of people before me. 

Finally, a question that I don't think has been answered before, though! My girl has gained some weight (a good thing, she was underweight at adoption and is now back up to her racing weight!) and I'm concerned that her harness is getting too tight, but I've realized I'm not sure what the correct fit is. I have the 2 Hounds Freedom No Pull Harness that lots of folks here recommend. 

Can anyone offer some tips on how the harness should fit? (There are so many adjustment points, which is helpful but overwhelming!) Should it be snug around her belly, or loose enough to fit a finger or two? Should that strap sit right up under her armpits or further back? Should the strap around the front of her chest be snug or have some wiggle room? 

If it makes a difference, I use a single attachment leash clipped to the front hook. I sometimes have to give her a gentle but firm tug (when she is fixated on a squirrel, or decides she is absolutely NOT interested in going whichever way I wanted her to walk) so I want to be absolutely sure it fits well and I'm not hurting her. 

Thanks for any insights you might have! 

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What is your girls name ?!

It should fit fairly snug around the belly.... I'd fit one finger under the straps.  Pretty close to her arm pits, otherwise the front will gape.

You don't want it to slip around her body and cause rubs... but too tight can also irritate.

I know there is a fine line between having it so loose so the front slips around when you pull on it, and having it too tight.  Test it out in a few different 'settings' and see what works best.

If you're worried she will get out of it, put a martingale collar on her and use 2 leashes....one on the collar and one on the harness.



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2Hounds has a fit guide with some good info on their site. We use the same harness and find that I do have to make adjustments occasionally as Petunia's weight fluctuates.  Scroll down the page here for some info including the use of 2 fingers between the harness and the dog at certain points to help with the fit. 



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Thank you both! Was looking for a fit guide but couldn't find it on their website, glad you're a better internet sleuth than I am!

Her name is Pauli--I can't figure out how to post a picture, but her Instagram is @pauliindc for the photo tax :) 

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