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Greyhound pees in the house only at night

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Hello! My 6 year old greyhound Pablo has started to pee in the house every couple of days, but only at night. Pablo loves his crate and I have always kept the crate door open 24/7, but now at night, I close the crate to ensure that he doesn't pee in the house. I know there are a lot of crate haters out there, but I'm just so tired of cleaning up pee every couple of days and Pablo doesn't seem to care at all. He would never dare pee in his crate. The worst part about this is that I'm never there to correct him!! He has rarely peed in the house during the day (it has probably been over 1 year), but all of a sudden it's happening only at night when the crate door is open. It usually occurs in/around the kitchen. I have cleaned the area as thoroughly as I can, even multiple times after an incident, with Nature's Miracle, but maybe it's not good enough?  I have no clue what's going on and how to fix it. It seems more behavioral than health-related. Any thoughts regarding this issue?  I'd appreciate any insight and ways to fix it! Thank you.

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I assume you are taking him out last thing at night to pee and if he's happy in his crate then I've no problem with shutting him in.

Is there something that is waking him up during the night? Are you going to the loo or is the heating switching on?

You could get a pet cam with night vision to watch back in the morning to find out if anything is disturbing him

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Although my grey is 13 so pee is to be expected:huh I started putting her in my bedroom at night (she used to be in the kitchen)  When I hear her stand up we are up & out the door.  I was cleaning up urine huge amounts every morning.  This has helped. 

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