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Our Chewy order arrived today. In the box was a case of cans (12) and a 30# bag of kibble. The bag had an ~ 4-5" tear in the front of it and about 1/4 cup of kibble had spilled, which could have happened when I picked up the box. What do you think, use or toss the kibble? 

I have to say, again, how great Chewy is. They were totally apologetic and wrote a new order that has already shipped.


edited for clarity: the spillage could have happened when the box was picked up. I am quite sure that I wasn't the cause of the rip. And, it shipped on Weds and arrived today, so, not long in transit. 

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I would toss.  No telling how long the rip had been in the bag.  The food may be spoiled or other creepy crawlers could be lurking. 

Glad the company is taking responsibility. 


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Was the loose kibble still inside the box?   

Where did the package originate from?   Someplace hot/wet/humid?

Nice they're sending a new bag but I'd probably inspect it very closely for bugs and then use it, as long as it had not gotten wet.  


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To me, being ripped inside the shipping box means it probably already had a tear in it that the warehouse didn't catch. It's probably not a major problem since all of those torn bags that they do catch end up at animal shelters around the country and get used all the time. I'd say that unless it smells off or rancid, or has detectable bugs, it is probably fine given the short transit time.  Some of the manufacturers also print the actual production date on the bag - if you have that it will give you an idea of how long the bag may have been open and exposed to air. 


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If it was inside a box with a flat of canned food it's likely that's how the tear happened in transit.  I'd check it out thoroughly and use it. 

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Unless there was a risk of it being tampered with, which sounds unlikely, and the contents look OK, I would use it, I’ve had  bags delivered with only small tears. 
I appreciate we want the best for our dogs but considering they eat cow poo, horse poo, cat poo, each other’s poo and Lord knows what else , usually with very little problem, a torn bag of kibble is pretty low on my list of concerns.

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