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I adopted a greyhound about 3 months ago, and we've slowly been introducing her to our friends/family. She did fantastic meeting people for about 6 weeks, and then all of a sudden, she started getting really nervous, showing her teeth, and even snapping at people. We're not sure what caused this regression, but now she won't let anyone touch her except me and my partner. I'm going out of town in a couple weeks, and we've been trying to have our pet sitter over a lot, so she can get used to him before I'm gone. He was one of the first people she met when we first adopted her, and she did great. Now she won't let the sitter near her without showing teeth.

We've tried giving him high value treats to give her, and she's extremely cautious, and most of the times won't even take it from him. We're hoping that just getting used to the sitter being around will be enough for her to start trusting him. Wondering if you greyhound veterans have any advice on the best way to earn her trust, as we're running out of time! Thanks in advance!!


Edit-- We are also taking her to my parents' house tomorrow (about an hour drive away) to meet their dog and go to a dog park for the first time. We're hoping this will give her more confidence and reduce the issues she's been having with other people, but definitely open to input if anyone thinks it's not a good idea!

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