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where to buy raw in S. FLORIDA


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i usually buy chicken hearts, necks, and gizzards from regular supermarkets, but i'm more concerned about the ground mixes i get up here in Massapequa that come with green tripe already mixed in... it is strictly sold as dog food, not human grade...  i was hoping to find similar supplier down there... we don't buy the freeze-dried raw from pet stores...

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On 9/3/2020 at 12:34 AM, MerseyGrey said:

This is quite a statement! Are you going to change your name to ‘BlackMarketOrganDealerPam’!?!?

It's true.  I can go too the end of the block and get fresh green unbleached tripe. kidney. hearts, gizzardsl.;lver and whatever  offal appears that day.  That is at a supermarket chain. I have said before my neighbors pay good money for organ meat.  Just look up Caracerias.

A Vietnamese restaurantt up the road a auctions off whole hogs by the piece.  My neighbor went once and the rectum commanded the highest price.  Eep.

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