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Greyhound Hearing Damage


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Hi, my greyhound has begun acting strangely the past two evenings. Evening #1 seemed to span 7-8pm, this evening has been 7pm-11pm(so far). He seems to be very sensitive to sound during these "episodes", which I've deducted from the following observations:

1) When let outside, he darted all over the yard with his ears perked up, looking in random directions.

2) He spooked easily while outside when a motorcycle passed miles in the distance.

3) When inside, he quickly paces from one end of the house to the other and attempts to look through windows/stare at doors as if a sound is coming through them. 

4) He is whining and refuses to lay down more than 5 minutes.

5) He is very reluctant to go into his crate, and will begin to whine loudly, look towards the window, and even begin biting the crate to attempt getting out.


Naturally, this is extremely uncharacteristic of him, has he is usually very mellow, sleeps for hours and is inseparable from his favorite couch, and has never even remotely given us issues with entering/staying in a crate.

The only abnormal things he has experienced in the last week are:

1) I sprayed Ortho home defense barrier externally on house. Waited about 4 hours until it was 100% dry before exposure by letting him outside. (Early in the day before evening #1)

2) We took him on a 6 hour round trip day trip (day before evening #1)

3) He was exposed to 1-2 hours loud music from a band at a brewery. (Day before evening #1)


I would like to rule out the pesticide, as I adhered to the safety instructions by letting it properly dry and also his behavior doesn't reflect poisoning. I am inclined to think perhaps he has suffered hearing damage due to loud noises, and may have something similar to tinnitus which is causing him to become paranoid over perceived sounds?

I am at a complete loss because he didn't start acting this way until evening on both days. Perhaps bug noises at night are a factor? I can't locate any possible nearby noise sources that may be aggitating him.

Thank you for any input/help you may be able to offer. Depending how the night goes/tomorrow goes I will be taking him to the vet for further diagnosis.

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I've used the Ortho Home Defense around the foundation of our house for years with no issue.

These hounds can have pretty sensitive hearing so my bet would be on hearing damage from the music, or something like tinnitus or ringing in the ears. I have no idea who deals with this kind of issue so hopefully some of our members with vet experience can offer some suggestions. 

Is he pawing at his ears or shaking his head a lot? That was always my first clue if something like a bug was bothering Rocket's ears. 


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If you believe he might have been injured, getting him to the vet asap is critical.  The sooner things like this are caught, the easier it is to treat.

I will just add thatperhaps the bug spray has driven bugs either into the walls or out to the yard where they are now causing enough noise to be heard by your dog.  Their hearing is so much more acute than ours.  The only other thing to mention is to discuss "Sundowner's Syndrome" with your vet, particularly if he's an older dog.

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