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my greyhound is starting to bark over every little noise now. He was never like this. It just started after 4th of July, he got very bad on this last one.  Is this becoming a behavioral or unsecured issue. If he heres a car door, the neighbor walking etc. Do I need to take him to a behavioral class to see if they can help him. I do not know what else to do.

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Do you react to the noise?

When he starts to bark totally ignore him, carry on with what you are doing and give him a reward when he's quiet again. If you shout at him or ssh him he'll think you're joining in and that he's doing the right thing because the boss is doing it too.

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water gun or plant spray and shhhhh once. then only use the spray. i had a plant spray that just sat there filled once my dog learned not to bark and never used it again. just the presence of it was more than enough. i never rewarded once the dog was quiet since my dog was smart enough to tolerate the spritz just to get the treat. 

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