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Deramaxx 75 mg - side effects?

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Spirit has been on Deramaxx 75 mg once a day since last Friday -- a week at this point.  I do think that it's helping him move a bit better and more confidently. However, beginning Tuesday he has been crying/whining off and on all day long--mostly "on".  I can't figure out what's up and I'm wondering if this might be a side effect of the new medication.  It's not clear that he's in pain or having any particular discomfort.  He doesn't seem to want anything in particular--or perhaps I just haven't figured out what it is that he wants.  Has anyone had similar experiences with Deramaxx for you hound?



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How have his poops been?  If they are normal-to-good it's likely his whining isn't caused by the deramaxx.  Though do make sure you're giving it to him on a full stomach right after a meal.  If his stools are bad or getting worse, I would contact your vet asap as he likely is having a reaction to it.  Nsaids are tricky - one will work fine for one dog and be horrible for another.  We've had bad luck with Rimadyl here, but meloxicam is fine, while others say the exact opposite.  So you just may need to try out a couple to see what he tolerates.

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No problem here with that dose of Deramaxx. I wonder if it’s not the right NSAID for Spirit and his pain is not being addressed? 

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