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Suddenly fear of ceiling fans

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Had my Billymac nearly a year now was very nervous but has calmed down and his funny character is comming out now

but suddenly he’s become frightened of ceiling fans to the point where he won’t even enter the living room where he sleeps he’s stopped comming to sit on soffa for cuddles and sleep preferring to sit outside even when it’s cold  or wet 

not sure how to address the problem 

please help as he’s gone into a unhappy depressed looking dog 

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They can get spooked by the strangest of things: What happens if you turn the fan off?  Have you still got a crate which you can drape a blanket over the top and 3 sides of to make a safe den?

We humans can positively reinforce or notions of things like this adorable tv ad featuring a desk fan and a dog:  Could you start doing something extra nice and calm in that room?



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Has the fan started to make a different noise? Perhaps the bearing is starting to go and it's emitting a high pitched whine which we might not be able to hear.

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