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Milbeguard as working med for greys

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Is Milbeguard a safe worming med for greyhounds? I've not heard of it and years ago heard certain meds were not safe for greys. Want it to protect against heart worms, hook worms, any other worms. Using bravecto for fleas and ticks. Dog is located in southern Indiana if area is a factor.

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Milbeguard is a generic version of Interceptor, which was removed from the market by its manufacturer.  Intercepter has been used successfully on greyhounds.   The caveat is that any individual dog can have an adverse reaction to any parasitide, despite its overall safety.

Definitely be safe and separate the 2 medications by at least a week.

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2 hours ago, rosevance said:

Do you know why the manufacturer removed it from the market? I'm personally thinking the supply this person has should be tossed and not used. What would be your thoughts on that?

Follow your instincts.  If you think it should not be used, don't.  Google should tell you why it was discontinued.  

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Intercepter is currently back on the market. The plant was closed in 2012 to up grade. The FDA found some problems with the facility. Other meds for canines and humans were temporarily not manufactured. Not sure when it was put back into production but it is available. 

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