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Back Pain After Playing

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Hello, I found this forum while searching for a solution to my dog's issues. She is part Greyhound and part Pit Bull. Her head looks like a Pit but her body is very much Greyhound. She is a fast and beautiful runner! 

Age--7 years Weight--40-45 lbs (somewhere in there)

A little bit of history on her--She was abused for the first 6 months of her life. Rarely fed, kept in a kennel all of the time and not allowed to go potty outside of her kennel. She was rescued by my roommate who fostered her for a year and a half when I walked into her life. She and I bonded quickly and I took her in. She is emotionally needy and very clingy but SO lovable and sweet. She still exhibits signs of being afraid of being beaten but we've never abused her in any way.

Current Issue--Whenever she plays with another dog or plays fetch with the ball for an extended period of time, she is obviously tired the whole next day. She loves to play! However, starting this year, she whines in pain whenever she has to get up on the couch or the bed. I've had to pick her 40+ lb body up to place her on the couch and bed. Within approximately 2 days, she is back to normal.  I don't think it's anything serious because she still moves around and it doesn't happen all of the time (maybe I'm wrong).

Are there any supplements I can give her to help so that this doesn't happen? Maybe Dasquin (sp?) or something? 


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4 hours ago, BatterseaBrindl said:

What does your Vet say?

Perhaps some Chiro would help?

I hadn't taken her to a vet yet. The roommate I got her from was a vet tech and she said she likely just "tweaked" her back playing. She told me to pick her up when she goes up and down stairs, beds, couch, etc when she's hurting. I might have to find her a pet chiro. I was hoping there would be a supplement for her joints or something so it wouldn't happen again.

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