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Hi! I’ve had my retired girl for 2 days now and she has a very distinct smell! Obviously lived her life in kennels and hoping it’s just  a “kennel” smell that will go with time but getting worried. Have given her 2 baths with one shampoo that did nothing then an evening primrose one we got recommended by pets at home. Coat is much brighter and cleaner and dandruff gone but the smell won’t budge! Ganna try Groom professional baby fresh shampoo as recommended by a breeder we know  but that’s not being delivered until tomorrow. I’ve heard that grey hounds just don’t smell is that true? Has anyone ever had experience with a stinky greyhound? Is it just a “kennel” smell that will go?! Thanks in advance 

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My second hound, Lola, had quite a strong, unpleasant odor. Like you, I thought it was ‘kennel’ smell. No amount of shampooing made it go away.  She also had beautiful teeth but horrible breath. 
 After I lost Lola suddenly, I began to wonder if the odor wasn’t linked to some underlying illness. The vet never could figure out what happened, but her blood work at the end was completely out of whack. 
My only suggestion is to get some blood work and urinalysis done just in case. 
I pray it’s nothing a good shampoo can take care of. 

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check w/ your vet. it can be either internal or skin- bacteria/fungus. only your vet will know. do groom her w/ a brush to bring up the natural oils. over bathing defeats the purpose- unless she needs a medicated shampoo- again the vet will know.but you can wash her bedding as much as you like- the odor lingers in it.

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Don't bathe her again until you've seen the vet about the issue. These dogs typically need a bath once a year or less unless they get into something. You will completely dry out her skin and cause itching, dandruff, irritation, etc.  if you keep giving her multiple baths.


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I haven't bathed my greys in - years probably!  They get in their pool in the summer and that seems to do the trick.

Agree with the thoughts above about overbathing causing more harm than good.  If one bath didn't work, three or four are not going to help.  It could be a skin issue or allergies or an anal gland issue or thyroid or even bad teeth. Have her in for her initial wellness check at a good greyhound savvy vet sooner rather than later.

Get a good bristle horse brush or canine Zoom Groom that will pull out the old hair (she will shed massively) and bring up the natural oils in her skin. 

Add in some natural nutritional oils high in omega 3s and 5s to her food (salmon oil is common, but any kind will help).  Start small with just one tablespoon or squirt each meal for a week or two and then work up the amount slowly to 2 or 3 tbls each meal so you don't overload her system with fat (causing a different problem).

Congratulations on your new family member and welcome to the cult!  ;)   :yay 

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I agree with the others, don't keep bathing her and book a check-up by the vet just to check everything is OK and to put your mind at rest. It could be what she has or is being fed on causing her to smell.

Grace smelled of the kennel when I first got her which wasn't helped by the smell of the flea treatment they had put on the back of her neck. I had to wait a fortnight before I could bath her and when I did what a bedraggled sorry looking hound she looked until she had dried off. I think the last time I bathed her was 18 months ago to help with flaky skin.

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