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I have recently adopted an ex racer. He is 4 years old. He came over lame after his walk and vet diagnosed a ligament injury to third toe left front foot. He has given pain relief but he is still lame. When it does improve he uses the foot and then pulls up lame again. I do not let him off the lead. Anyone have any advice on this injury/treatment/recovery? 

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Can you give us a little more info on how the vet diagnosed a ligament injury? X-rays, MRI, etc.? Did the vet check for corns? Does your dog walk better on soft surfaces?

My girl has what we assume is an old racing injury on the exact same toe that did not heal properly and is now arthritic (she is 10). She first starting showing intermittent lameness around 5 years old and we did a whole slew of tests and therapies. She still takes an NSAID as needed, depending on the season and her level of activity, and that has worked well for us. Hopefully your guy just has something acute that will eventually resolve. Ligament injuries can take a long time to heal, but keeping him on-lead and minimizing activity are good strategies. You also might want to try another pain med. What was he taking?



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Ligament injuries take forever to heal, and he may still come up lame after heard exercise.  Did the vet say if the ligament was torn or just a serious sprain?  Does the toe still look swollen?  Does the toenail point in another direction from the other toes on the foot?

If he's still having pain he should still be on an nsaid or pain med or both.  You can also try having him wear a boot on that foot for more support.  He will hate it, but persevere as it can help in the end.

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