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Hi all - my 10.5 yr old girl is starting to really show some looseness (?) in her right hock. When she is walking toward me, I can see it sort of swing out. I remember an old vet telling me the right (?) rear hocks are often problematic because they use it so much to push, because they race to the left. Or do I have that backwards? 🤔 Anyway, it is her rear right hock. I’m thinking I probably need to brace it. I’ll try to get her to vet but it’s challenging given the pandemic. Where I am we can’t go in with the dog. Anyway, anyone had an issue? What was the solution? Have you used a brace? This girl only raced 84 times, my other girl raced 194 so I’m concerned I may really have a problem with her. She’s only 6 though so hopefully not for a long time. Thx in advance for any help and suggestions. 

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Going to second the PT suggestion.  A splint or brace will likely cause more problems than it helps with pressure sores and other issues.

At 6 your dog is beginning to make the *physical* transition towards being a "senior" dog.  She's losing muscle tone, gaining weight (if you don't keep a sharp eye on it), becoming more sedentary and relaxed, developing the beginning stages of arthritis and other aging diseases.  Something like swim therapy - if you can get her in the water! ;)  - would be awesome with all of that.  Or talk with your PT neighbor about some exercises you can do at home with her to help her maintain muscle tone and flexibility.

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