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Hi Everyone!

When I picked up Greyson, he had a ton of flakes on his fur.  I asked the adoption rep if he had a skin condition and she told me  that he flakes a bit when he's nervous but that it would go away once he calmed down (I adopted him shortly after his last race and he was in a foster home before me).  It's since not gone anywhere, and it seems to be flaking off constantly.  I can't even brush him in the room because there's so much of it.

We went to the vet and she let me know that he has a slight yeast infection.  He's been so itchy and scratchy, and the vet gave me some antimicrobial shampoo and told me to bathe him 2-3 times/week for a month.  In addition to that, it's confirmed that he has hookworm and prescribed panacur and heartgard, and told me that I can get the advantage multi in exchange for the heartgard.  He's also got a pill to take 2x/day for a week to help with diarrhea, and since he's come back it seems to be the worst it's ever been.

What have you all done if you've experienced this?  Bathing him 3 times a week for a month seems insane, but he's had two so far and he's pretty good so long as there's PB on the wall for him to lick!  I'm just becoming increasingly frustrated that the adoption rep seems to have not told me anything about him, and I just shelled out $700 in vet costs for things that were never brought up in the adoption process & that I didn't expect to incur so early on.


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I had a dog with mange(the contagious kind, forgot which one) and he needed daily baths for an extended period of time. The two of you will become good friends.

As to the undiagnosed yeast infection and worms wasn't  he vetted by the adoption group? Notify them, they should have picked up on it. Groups are taxed currently but the least they can do is split the cost. 

Best of luck.

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