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Change in Barking...?

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So we’ve had 🍑 for nearly two months now and she’s become very vocal! We spoke to the shelter who gave us the advice to mark her barks so when she barked we opened the backdoor to go to the bathroom and if she continued to bark after that we were to ignore her, stand up and leave the room. It’s been a few weeks of us leaving the room when Peaches is barking but nothing seems to have changed, if anything she’s got a bit worse! She used to sit on her bed or on the sofa with us while we ate and was quiet however now she barks at us constantly while we’re eating. We have always praised her with “good girl peaches” and lots of strokes and fuss when she’s sat behind us quietly so we’re not sure where this behaviour has come from unless she’s testing the boundaries. The problem is because it’s happening while we’re eating we have to grab our plates and drinks etc when we leave or she’ll eat it, and we can’t get through a meal without walking back and forth 5 or 6 times; she follows us when we go out and as soon as we sit back down she starts to bark again so there is no settled time to reward her for; I’m sure you can imagine this is getting quite frustrating, especially as she was so good with meal times at first! Once we’ve finished dinner and have tidied away she relaxes on the sofa with us and is cuddly and quiet again so I don’t think she’s hungry... maybe just greedy? 

The other issue we have is that she barks at my partner, she isn’t aggressive towards him and she chooses when she does this. Today for example she was sat with me on the sofa, Jack came downstairs and she got up, greeted him, she wanted to play so they played for a little then she went for a drink, when she came back in she stood looking at him barking constantly. We both ignored her and after 5ish minutes of continuous barking we left the room to go and sit in the dining room. I came back to sit on the sofa once she was quiet and she jumped straight on, had a sniff and lick of my face then lay down next to me. Yesterday when we were both sat on the sofa she choose to lie with her head on his lap instead of with me so I know she isn’t scared or possessive or anything.

Usually I take her for walks before and after work and my partner works from home so feeds her and spends the day with her however due to recent events I’m now at home all of the time so do most of her care as my partner is still working. 

She went to be spayed on Tuesday (17.3.2020) and I’m wondering if part of the excessive barking over the past few days is a mixture of energy because she can’t go for a proper walk and letting us know she’s in pain?

We were looking into taking her to classes on the weekends but with what’s going on I imagine classes won’t be happening! 

Could we please have some advice on what to do? Should we continue with moving out of the room or do we start to just completely ignore her, especially if we know she’s been outside to do her business? also if this change in barking is due to her having a slight change in her routine with me being home now, how do we go about fixing this? I’m worried that she is demanding walks etc from my partner and not me, but I’m not sure how we go about fixing this?

I really hope someone can help! 

Lauren, Jack and Peaches 🍑 


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It would try ignoring her completely.  

Do not speak to her. Do not look at her. Just carry on doing what ever you were doing.


Nancy...Mom to Nigel (Nigel) , Sid (Peteles Tiger) and Kibo (112 Carlota Galgos)Missing Casey, Gomer, Mona, Penelope, BillieJean, Bandit, Nixon (Starz Sammie) and especially Ruby (Watch Me Dash) waiting at the Bridge.


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Sheba has been a barker since I got her in 2009. Mostly at me when inside but also outside at people walking by (I have a fenced front yard as well as side and back), walking their dogs, cats in the neighborhood, skateboarders, bicyclists, etc. I get her back inside when those occur. As for barking at me, it's for attention, I know, so I ignore her and she usually goes away and settles down. My sister was visiting this weekend and Sheba barked more than usual because we were talking a lot and ignoring her. She wanted attention, which I gave at times, but we also ignored her and she soon stopped and settled down. Just turning away doesn't work for me, so I put my hands over my eyes and that works. 

So, yes, ignoring does help.

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It's probably a combination of boredom, needing more exercise, and wanting more attention.  Think of her like a toddler who always is interrupting adult conversations, or trying to get your attention when you're on the phone.  They want you to focus on THEM.  RIGHT NOW.  When they want it, not when you want it.  Small kids have to learn impulse control.  Dogs do too.

FWIW, I seem to get all the greyhounds who NEVER have gotten the memo that greyhounds don't bark.  All of mine have and do, all the time, just like labs!!!  My dogs bark more than the shepherd who lives behind us and the yap dogs on either side.  :rolleyes:

If you can both stand the ignore-ignore-ignore routine the behavior *may* extinguish itself.  May.  It's never worked for us completely.  I use a combination of distraction and redirection to give her brain something else to focus on.

If you know you're going to be doing an activity that will elicit a barking jag, try to cut it off by giving her a long-lasting chew treat or a Kong to work on before you begin - make sure she is quiet and settled prior to giving her the reward and mark it with a command word.

Work on a command separately from the times when you know she's too excited and barking that will help her control herself.  In the middle of the afternoon or whenever she's usually calm and in a good place mentally to train.  In our house, we use "on your bed" as kind of a general calming phrase.  Lure her to her bed, say the command, treat and praise.  And use it whenever she gets too out of control.  Then, when she's in the middle of a barking phase, you can give the command (over nad over if necessary!) until she gets the clue she'll only get her treat-n-praise if she's on her bed and quiet.

It takes loads of short training times and consistent repetition b y everyone in the house, but it does work to help them control their barking and attention seeking behavior.

Good luck!

Chris - Mom to: Lilly, Felicity (DeLand), and Andi (Braska Pandora)


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