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Bella, KT Britta, April 29, 2005 - February 13, 2020

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I can't possibly write what Bella was to us - I wish I were more eloquent with words.

She was our first grey. When we went to the adoption day (April 10, 2010), she leaned against us and made it clear we were her people.

Bella embraced living in the middle of Manhattan for more than 3 years. She walked through Times Square and traveled on trains (we never tried the Ikea bag on the subway, although it was tempting). She rode in taxis and didn't turn a hair from the noise of either fireworks 2 blocks away on the Hudson River or fire trucks screaming down 42nd Street. She happily stayed with friends and at kennels, at family houses with terriers and Goldens - nothing phased her. The only thing she didn't like was not having the run of the apartment - she trained us pretty quickly. Far from needing frequent walks as she adapted to home life, by the end of the first week with us she couldn't be bothered to interrupt her naps to go for a midday walk.

When we moved to the suburbs, she was happy here, too. She found many places where the sun came in the windows - she'd move around the house depending on the sunbeams. We placed beds on the back and front porches for her to enjoy, and she'd spend hours listening to the birds and enjoying being outside. To a point - she never, ever willingly lay down on just grass, she had to have a blanket, and the softer, the better. She adapted to car rides instead of train rides, of having completely different smells, and chasing squirrels instead of pigeons (one of which she caught in NYC, much to our surprise). 

She was a great snuggler - on HER terms only, however. When she was done getting pats and affection, she would walk away - or donkey kick us to make space for herself. She loved pillows - if she was on the sofa, her head was on a pillow, and occasionally we'd find her not only on our bed, but on our pillows. 

We knew she was slowing down and didn't want to be without a dog in the house, so we tried a wonderful big male. Turns out he hated being without people while we worked and he and Bella just never clicked. Our group was fantastic in rehoming him, and a while later we found Gracie. In April of 2017, we brought her home and although Bella made it seem as though she was tolerating Gracie only, we are convinced that she gave Bella a jolt of energy. Bella rarely allowed Gracie to share a bed or even the sofa, but where one went, the other followed. 

Over the past year we have been watching Bella slow down more and more. She could no longer manage the stairs to our bedroom so the girls slept on the main level. Then she couldn't hold her waste overnight and into the kitchen they went, with plastic liners on their beds. We became used to managing our schedule around making sure she could go out every 4 hours or so, getting her meds into her at consistent times and shortening walks to what she could physically manage, although she ALWAYS wanted to go further than her body could stand.

Unfortunately, she developed a limp that didn't go away, and on Friday, February 7, we learned that she had osteosarcoma in her right shoulder. We opted to manage her pain for a few more days, to allow us to come to terms with her leaving us. Even on Tuesday, February 11 she was bounding around our back yard and leaping up our back stairs - by Thursday, I had to carry her up. It was time. 

She will always be in our hearts, and I know in the hearts of many of you here. To those of you who met her in person over the years or just through Greytalk, thank you for the open arms and friendship you have given us - it makes this time less lonely. 


One of these days I'll figure out how to insert photos without a link, but for now - just a few of the many thousands of photos over the years. 

2012 - greyhound picnic

She loved watermelon

Running on the beach - we actually have this as a canvas print, it's hanging on my son's wall at his request.


Pretty girl, almost 15

Bounding up the stairs on February 11

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Dave (GLS DeviousDavid) - 6/27/18
Gracie (AMF Saying Grace) - 10/21/12
Bella (KT Britta) - 4/29/05 to 2/13/20



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Your lovely remembrance truly gave me a glimpse of Bella’s personality! I enjoyed her transformation from a sophisticated urban dog to a pampered suburbanite. ( No grass touches her belly!). I am sorry that she had to leave you, but it sounds like she made the most of her time on this earth. Run free, Bella!

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I remember Bella's arrival here and loved that video of her running in the back yard in her final week.  The picture on the beach is beautiful. 

Run pain-free Bella.  You will be missed here, but never forgotten. :f_pink


Always missing my boy Hi Noon Rocket. The home of Petunia, MW Neptunia and Kate, Miss Kate.

Don't believe everything you read on the internet. - Abraham Lincoln


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What a wonderful life you gave her! She looks so hoppy in that last photo where she is running across the yard. Your house must seem so empty without her presence.  I hope Gracie is adjusting well to life as an only dog.

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Sara, your tribute to Bella is beautiful, just as she was. Thank you for sharing her with us all these years, she was such a delight. She will be missed. :grouphug

Godspeed Bella.

Old Dogs are the Best Dogs. :heartThank you, campers. Current enrollees: Aiden. Bea. Punkin. Annie. Miss M. Cletus, knot like the others.

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:paw Upon reflection, our lives are often referenced in parts defined by the all-too-short lives of our dogs.

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Great photos and video that will help you remember your beautiful Bella in the years to come.

Thinkingof you.


Miss "England" Carol with Chancey - (Goosetree Chance) and whippet lurcher Nutmeg

R.I.P. Bluegrass Banjoman. 25.1.2004 - 25.5.2015 and Ch. Sleepyhollow Aida. 30.9.2000 - 10.1.2014.

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:grouphug so sorry for your loss. She was a beautiful girl, and I love the watermelon photo!

Living with Buddy Molly b. 5 November 2010. Welcomed home 16/6/2018 ❤️

Won 17/112 races at Romford - our champion Essex boy

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I've followed her activities on GT since she was a chic urban chick (of COURSE dressed in all black) and then her move to the 'burbs and expanded family life.  She has always seemed the perfect example of the unfazed, bombproof hound, who knew just what she wanted and how to get it.  (Love the "donkey kick" reference.)  We will miss the posts about her so much.  And we send :grouphug to you and to Gracie.  


Ellen, Milo, and Jeter

remembering Eve, Baz, Scout, Romie, and Nutmeg

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I'm so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing her with us. I loved hearing about her adventures in the city and in the suburbs! Hugs to you all.

Kendra, devoted walker of Lucia (Larking About x Anastasia) and her son Henry (Tom Jones: Great Son x Lucia).

Missing Badger (Vf Get R Done: Quicksand Slip x Ll Tee el See), 5/7/04 - 2/20/14, who opened our hearts and our home to greyhounds,
    Kenzie (Slatex Kenzie: Randy Handy x Slatex Chrisy), 4/16/03 - 10/29/14, who really knew what a good dog she was,
    and Falcon (Atascocita Sabat: Dodgem by Design x Atascocita Barb), 9/13/10 - 1/31/20, who was grumpy and snarky but eventually a little bit cuddly, too.

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Bella was so very exceptional, I am so very sorry she had to leave you. Rest well Bella girl.

Mom to Ranger (PB's Long Ranger) and Cookie the rattie mix

Missing Kahn (Gil's Khan) 10-29-03 - 11-7-16  Belle (Regall Belooow) 8-9-07 - 3-12-17  Star (Greyt Star) 1-19-07 - 3-13-2020  Pitch (Emerald Pitch) 4-1-08 - 6-3-2020

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Such a beautiful girl!   I love the photo of her on the beach.  I am so sorry she had to leave you-it sounds like she has led a full life and given you lots of joy, as you did for her.   Run free Bella!


three girls fall halo

Humans Kathy and Jim with our girls, Ivy (Carolina Spoon) and Cherry (Fly Cherry Pie)

Missing our beautiful angel Breeze (Dighton Breeze) and angel Beka (BM Beko) - you are forever in our hearts.

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:grouphug  I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved Bella.   :grouphug

Wendy and The Whole Wherd. American by birth, Southern by choice.
"Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup!"
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I'm so very sorry. She was as lovely as she was special. It's wonderful that she lived to almost 15, but even that is not long enough.

Godspeed Bella.

Standard Poodle Daisy (12/13); Greys Hildy (Braska Hildy 7/10), Ivy (Jax Isis 10/07), Toodles (BL Toodles 7/09), Opal (Jax Opal 7/08)
Missing Cora (RL Nevada 5/99-10/09), Piper (Cee Bar Easy 2/99-1/10), Tally (Thunder La La 9/99-3/10), Edie (Daring Reva 9/99-10/12), Dixie (Kiowa Secret Sue 11/01-1/13), Jessie (P's Real Time 11/98-3/13), token boy Graham (Zydeco Dancer 9/00-5/13), Cal (Back Already 12/99-11/13), Betsy (Back Kick Beth 11/98-12/13), Standard Poodles Minnie (1/99-1/14) + Perry (9/98-2/14), Annie (Do Marcia 9/03-10/14), Pink (Miss Pinky Baker 1/02-6/15), Poppy (Cmon Err Not 8/05-1/16), Kat (Jax Candy 5/05-5/17)

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I'm so sorry for your loss.  Bella was queen of the roost and she loved her home and all that you did for her.  She had the best life  She is running painfree and having the time of her life, just remember she is still with you, always will be in your heart!  Hugs to you and the family.  

Kathy, Bo (SK's Bozo), and Angels Storm (Greys Big Storm), Grace (Rise to Glory) and Sky(Greys Sky Dove),

My dog believes I go to work for their food and treats.

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I'm so sorry... I remember when you joined GT with her...  I always liked following Bella stories...

Jeannine with Merlin the fuzzy kitteh, and Cody grey-girl waiting at the bridge

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