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I am struggling finding a dog bed for our 5 year old Greyhound. When we first got her, we got some dog beds from Petco that are the standard rectangle with fluffy stuff inside that she can dig and push around to make a little “hole”. Those lasted forever, but we were worried they weren’t the best for her from a support/orthotic standpoint.
Since then we have tried others that are a bit more rigid or well formed, but she digs so heavily trying to dig a little “hole” to lie in that she tears them up super quickly.
Any recommendations?


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Put a couple of old blankets on top of the bed and let her root away at them.

Nigel is a confirmed nester and this usually works for him.


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Another strategy is to get a Perla bed and fill it with cheap blankets from Goodwill.  She can nest to her heart's content.  If she's nesting because she's cold, try getting her a set of pajamas or a housecoat to wear at night.

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