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The Whirled Famuss Unruly Boys Chat Club Part 194

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Oo!  Oo!  Oo!  Ick!  Ick!  Ick!  :puke  Gross!!!

Capt Jack and Myka sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g!!!!!

I gotta get owtta here!! I am just a baby dog!!! :yikes   :noevil

That's all from here for today my Friendlies!

Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams!

NITEY NITE!!    :rivethead

:nappy    AndiPants 


Chris - Mom to: Lilly, Felicity (DeLand), and Andi (Braska Pandora)


Angels: Libby (Everlast), Dorie (Dog Gone Holly), Dude (TNJ VooDoo), Copper (Kid's Copper), Cash (GSI Payncash), Toni (LPH Cry Baby), Whiskey (KT's Phys Ed), Atom

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