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Firefox enhanced tracking protection

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Not a question, just an FYI for anyone using the Firefox web browser. I use Firefox, and had noticed that some of the images were not showing up on the greytalk forums. Just fixed the problem now, as follows:

There is a shield symbol at the far lefthand side of the URL box at the top. When viewing greytalk, click on that shield symbol and it brings up a pop-up box showing "Protections for forum.greytalk.com", and the first item below that header is "Enhanced Tracking Protection is ON for this site" with a toggle to the right of this text. Clicked on the toggle to turn the tracking protection to "OFF" for forum.greytalk.com, and now I see the images that were missing (may have to refresh the page). I think tracking protection is a new feature added in an update to Firefox around September 2019.

I also brought up a couple other pages (not greytalk), and the tracking protection is still ON for those other pages, so apparently you can turn the tracking protection OFF only for those sites where you need to do so, without losing the benefit of tracking protection for all websites.

Again, just an FYI in case you are experiencing this problem with Firefox.

- Rob

Logan - LoganMaxicon15K.jpg - Max (Aug. 4, 2004 - Jan. 11, 2018)

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