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Poop Eater

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Hi all,  so our 4 year old little girl started eating her own poop a couple of weeks ago. We have had her for 7 months (off the track) and this is new.  Nothing in her life has changed recently, same food (Big Country Raw), same exercise, same everything.  Thoughts?  supplements? 


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For the meantime, get her a muzzle with a poop guard.  Go out with her when you put her out and say NO!!! when you see her trying to snack.  It took just a couple of times of doing this, to get our girl to stop.  Good luck.

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Just an fyi for people who search for poop eaters. I just adopted a new girl and she's a poop eater.  I tried the commercial product FOR-BID. Didn't work. I tried the pineapple and it does seem to be working.  Two 1 inch square pieces of fresh pineapple per meal. I'm going to keep her on this for a long time to make sure she completely stops the habit of even thinking about eating poo.

She only ate her own poo. 

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There's no evidence that dogs eat their own stools due to any sort of dietary imbalance.  It's just a, rather unsavory, habit that they can get into.  Though it does seem that many dogs begin eating weird things in spring, for whatever reason.  I know if I'm going to have tummy troubles with any of mine it will usually happen between 4/1 - 7/1.  :dunno 

Keep your yard picked up and very clean.  Get a stool guard for her muzzle, or cover the front and bottom with duct tape.  Monitor her in the yard so you can interrupt the behavior when you see her begin to be interested. 

FWIW, I've had several poop eaters over the years and I've tried everything at least once.  Nothing works reliably on every dog, though you may be lucky and find one of the myriad of remedies that works on *your* dog.  The pineapple trick mentioned above seems to be the most popular.  Just remember it needs to be fresh pineapple and not canned (the heating process seems to destroy whatever it is that makes it work).

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