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Greyhound Running In Slo-Mo


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Absolutely beautiful. Such amazingly fantastic animals!

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10 hours ago, dmdsmoxie said:


One great thing about slo-mo is it makes it easy to see what lead the greyhound is on. The cadence for a left-lead in double suspension gallop is left rear, right rear, right front, left front and the opposite for a right-lead.


Please explain the term ‘lead’.  Thank you for sharing this glorious video. 

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The sand kicking up from each footfall, the suspension, the bendy/shock-absorbing pasterns, the tags flying ... this was beautiful to watch, thanks Dick.

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Breathtakingly beautiful.


'Lead' is a reference  to which front leg lifts and then strikes the ground first when they are galloping.

In this video the dog is on the 'left lead'. Dick has explained the rest of the footfalls.

Horses are the same.  Some disciplines require that the horse be on one lead or the other as they travel around the ring, most often with the leading leg being the one on the inside of the circle.  If you are going clockwise, the horse 'should' be on the 'right lead'....the  right front leg will lift and then strike the ground first.  The order of the following legs is the same as on Dicks example.  

In high level dressage the horse is asked to change leads every stride ...a very difficult thing to do!


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People and animals are right-footed or left-footed. With a greyhound as the lid opens they push off on their dominant back foot and it doesn't matter the foot. What does matter is as the dog approaches the turn he will switch to his left lead if he is on the right.  He has to in order to hold the turn. Think about the cadence on the left lead, left, right, right and left. the two right legs coming down one after the other helps the greyhound hold the turn.  If the dog isn't on his left lead going around the turn he will "blow the turn" or keep going straight instead of turning as fast as he needs to.

As the dog heads down the backstretch he will switch to his right lead and as he approaches the far turn will switch back to the left lead and as he exits the turn and heads to the finish line he will switch back to the right.

The only race where it matters which lead the dog breaks on is the 660 yard race because the starting box is right where turn 3 is and the dog doesn't have time to switch from his right to his left lead.

Trainers, at least good trainers, know all their dogs and whether they are right or left-footed. I'm not a trainer, but what I was taught by Dennis, for those that don't know Dennis that is Dennis McKeon and he is one of the great minds when it comes to greyhounds and if you google his name along with greyhounds you will find a lot of the articles he wrote,  is if your dog is breaking off his wrong lead there is something wrong with him.


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