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Hookworm Protocol Questions


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Hi all, I have read through most of the hookworm threads, and want to just get some clarification/questions answered on a treatment plan to discuss with our vet IF we end up adopting a hook positive foster.  Her worm load is +3 according to our foster rep.

1.  Can we sub Coraxis for Advantage Multi without any decrease in efficacy?  If so, we should also supplement with Nexgaurd for fleas and ticks?  

2.  Is Dr. Ng's modified version of the prison protocol still thought to be as effective as the prison protocol?  We would prefer to administer the least amount of meds to get the job done.

3.  Where do folks buy their monthly meds for the best price?  For simplicity sake, we would want to buy them all (worm/flea & tick/Drontal Plus) from the same vendor.  


We understand that we could very well be in for a LONG ride on the hook train, trying to eradicate the little buggers.  We are diligently picking up poop as soon as it drops.  Any other words of wisdom re: this less than joyful part of being in the greyhound gang?

Thanks in advance.

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If you take newspaper or cheap paper plates outside with you, you can stop bad poop from hitting the ground at all. It's easy to clean up if the dog's having soft poop, and easy to collect a sample for the vet. (I say "cheap paper plates" only because you want a plate that's flexible enough to enclose in a poop bag.)

Put a clean poop bag over your hand. Hold the paper plate in that hand. When the dog starts to go, slip the plate under. (The first time, your dog's reaction may be "What the---?", but they get used to it.) Catch the poop. Curl the plate a bit as necessary and pull the poop bag down off your hand so it encloses the plate.

I can't comment on the current protocols. The last time I had a dog with hooks was 2016, when the hooks were still relatively easy to treat. He and my girl get retested every year, and they're fine.

I buy Interceptor and Bravecto at Allivets.com. I buy six months' worth at a time for two dogs.

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We actually modified Dr Ng's protocol further due to Petunia's age and alternated between Advantage Multi and Drontal Plus 3 weeks apart.  Basically we did Advantage Multi on the 1st of the month and Drontal Plus 3 weeks later, repeat monthly.  Petunia's last fecal was negative after 6 months of this routine.  

I used PetSupplyExpress.com from he UK for both products.  Prices were way cheaper than anything locally even after paying for expedited shipping. 


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Dr Ng did extensive research on the hookworm problem. If you are on Facebook, post on the Greytalk Health and Medical with your questions too since she is often there.


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We did the as written Prison Protocol. On the one hand, I can appreciate wanting to do the least amount of meds you can, but at some point doing an intensive protocol for a shorter time vs a slightly less intensive one for a few months longer, kind of works out the same. It's still more drugs than you'd want to be giving forever; we wanted it over and done with as soon as we could (and our dog tolerated it fine).

Whether you do a flea/tick along with Coraxis is really up to you and what your vet recommends for your area - I know some ppl just dont worry about ticks bc of geography (maybe?) and feel their dog isn't at risk for fleas. We use Credelio for flea/tick control now that we're off the protocol, and use Coraxis for his monthly all-wormer. I know many like the Seresto collar during the protocol for fleas/ticks since it isn't absorbed or eaten like other drugs.

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Our vet advised me to use a Seresto collar on our newest greyhound as a safer alternative to Nexgard while she is on the Advantage Multi.

Chica has been on Dr. Ng’s protocol since June. Her November fecal was clean (yay) but last week’s showed few ova and presence of adult hooks (boo).  

My DH and I are excellent poop “catchers”.  No paper plate - we just put the bag over our hand, hold it under the dog and turn it inside out.  Voilá!  But it does require dexterity - and humility.  😝

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