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Through wall dog door


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Hi,  I've searched through the topics on dog doors but I didn't come across any about dog doors through walls.  I think a 11x15" door with a 12" offset would work for me for a ~65 pound female if it wasn't through the wall.  I imagine having to step across a threshold of 6-7" while passing through the door would make it difficult.

Any one out there have a through the wall dog door?  If so, what size door, dog, offset, and threshold?

Hopefully someone has some experience with this.



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I have one. 

That 12" offset might be fine for a young healthy dog. But what about when they get older?  Or God forbid becomes a tripod? I've had 11 greys. Two were tripods. Another one was a 15.5 year old lady. My current Canidrome survivor rebroke her elbow 8 weeks ago. None of them could do a 12 inch lift. My door is a Hale dual flap, 11 x 23 and sits 5 inches off the floor. 

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Hi,  I thought I would post the install I did in case anyone finds it useful.  I used a Hale through the wall door in the Large Tall size (11" wide X 19-1/2" tall) with 2 flaps.  The top of the pass-through is 27-1/2".  This puts the rise of the pass-through at 8". 

The combined wall thickness at this point would have been ~10" so I recessed the exterior portion of the door into the exterior wall making it a 5-1/2" pass-through that has to be stepped across during use.

The interior of my house is 5" higher than the exterior so I made a platform to make for a smooth transition when entering and exiting.

Exterior view:


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My dog door is a sliding-door insert, so I don't know about offsets and such.  But wanted to add that a 9" rise threshold was no problem for my old lady hound with lumbar stenosis.  


My current Canidrome survivor rebroke her elbow 8 weeks ago

Mary Pat -- oh, no!  How?  


Ellen, with brindle Milo and the blonde ballerina, Gelsey

remembering Eve, Baz, Scout, Romie, Nutmeg, and Jeter

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