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Prevention of Corn


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Hi all, we will be adopting our first greyhound very soon and I've read a lot about corns in greys being very common.

I've seen lots of posts regarding treatments etc, however is there a way to prevent them from happening in the first place?

Would moisturizing their paws regularly minimize corns from occurring?

Thanks so much and would love to see what has helped for some.

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We've had/have 4 Greyhounds and one Galgo and none have had corns. 

That said...they do seem to be a 'thing' in this breed.

I'm sure someone more knowledgable will chime in, but meanwhile there is a FB page for Greys with corns.



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Possibly, but no one really knows what causes them so there's little to do to stop them.

Best information - at the moment - is that "corns" are an eruption of an injury to the toe tendons from deep in the toe/foot.  Since almost every corn happens after a greyhound retires, there's speculation that walking on hard surfaces - concrete, asphalt, etc - might damage those tendons.  So walking and running your dog only on softer surfaces might help.  Keeping your greys feet in good shape certainly can't hurt, though if you need to walk for potties and exercise you do want and need your dog's feet to toughen up from their kennel condition, so moisturizing needs to be tempered with protection.  Doing regular nail maintenance for short nails definitely does help tremendously.  Long nails force the dog to use improper weight distribution which contributes to injuring the tendons.

But basically it's a crap shoot whether any dog you adopt will develop corns or not.  We're on greyhound #11 and only one has had corns, which he had when he came to us.   


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Both of our senior girls came from the farm with corns.  We've recently started using Burt's Bees Hand Salve nightly on the pads. There have been a number of postings online that it has worked for some folks with corns dropping off or easily removed after 6-8 weeks.  It beats trying to get duct tape on Petunia's paws.....:lol


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