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Peeing in the house

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In the nearly three days we've had our dog, she's peed outside once or twice and inside at least five times. We always praise her when she goes outside, but since it happens so rarely it hasn't sunk in yet. She doesn't understand that the whole house is her crate, so she doesn't let us know when she needs to go as she doesn't think she needs to go outside to do it. We were supervising her the whole time she wasn't in her crate (which is exhausting as she likes to lie in the hallway which means whoever is watching her can't really do anything else) but even when we saw her squatting she wouldn't stop when we tried to take her outside. We took her out for a walk immediately but not sure if she'll make any association between peeing and going out. We used an enzyme cleaner on all the soiled areas if carpet so hopefully that won't make it worse. We understand it takes time but it's so frustrating. I'm not sure what else we can do other than hope that she just happens to pee while we're out walking (though that is also a bit difficult as she often freezes at the door and won't go out, even when she's been pacing in a way that suggests she needs to pee) and praise her enough times that she makes the connection... that could take some time.

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She (what's her name?) has no idea that she needs to go outside to pee. Or that she needs to 'tell' you that she has to go.

You may need to tether her to you so you can watch her all the time.  

She may indicate by sniffing the ground or making small circles.

You will need to take her out every hour and keep her out until she goes. Then praise praise praise.

And yup... House breaking will take some time....and yup...it will be exhausting!






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Make it easier on yourselves and keep her in the room with you and as Batterseabrindl says  "She may indicate by sniffing the ground or making small circles" and then rush her outside.

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We were fortunate in that we brought our boy Buddy home last year in the middle of an exceptionally long hot summer so the back door was open most of the time and he could take himself outside, and that he was house trained. Having said that we did have a few accidents in the first couple of days if the door was closed which we put down mostly to the change in his routine and environment. We wanted a trigger phrase that he would associate with going to the toilet so whenever he had a pee while we were out walking we would say this phrase ‘wee-wee’ and praise him. Then we would use that phrase when we took him into the garden when we wanted him to pee., like before bedtime. He got the hang of it pretty quickly and now he pees at regular times and hasn’t had an accident in the house for a while. However he has rarely let us know that he wants to go out. He doesn’t whine or bark for that so we did have to keep an eye on him standing by the back door.

Maybe your girl will settle after a few days if you try to take her out at regular times. 

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