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Aggressive when other dogs approach his/a dog bed he is on

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I’ve had my grey for a year and a half now and this is a relatively recent development. He has started to get very territorial when he is on a dog bed and another dog approaches. He isn’t territorial about toys or food or anything else. He will even growl at the other dog I’d they’re approaching a dog bed his is not currently using. He isn’t territorial towards humans with his bed either. I’ve tried to read training tips but haven’t been able to find any about this specific issue. He is an only dog at home, but friends watch him when I go away for work, and I am worried things might escalate with one of their dogs.

Thanks for any suggestions. 

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He's resource guarding his bed from the other dogs.  You and your friends need to be more proactive in keeping them separated when the dogs are together.  Move the bed he typically uses to a more isolated location, out of the main walking paths.  Use an xpen or crate if necessary.

Do a search here for resource guarding and bed guarding and see if your friends will use some of the tips and tricks suggested.  As a last resort you may need to find a non-dog home to watch him when you're out of town.

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