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SLIM 12/21/99 - 8/15/06


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Well Slim another year has come and gone since you left. Not a lot seems to have changed. The pain of your sudden crossing over is still fresh- I guess it will always be. And I don’t think of you often; I don’t think of you every day; I think of you constantly-still- after all these years.  You have taught me that it is because we are still together-that in fact our spirits are together for eternity. You are the one who taught me long ago that we are spirits- we may live in a body on earth but just because the body dies we don’t-and our relationships with others don’t. The soul inside is what’s important.  We continue our journey.

That was one of your big lessons this past year. It seemed your ‘signs’ and communication had diminished compared to all the previous years since you left and I was confused and troubled.  I needed your presence, your guidance…I needed to know that we had not drifted apart.

And here August 15 was upon us again and I was not sure what to say in your remembrance post this year.  I decide I will ask you. It’s too personal and many wouldn’t understand so I belay the details here, but wow Slim-what a great surprise and gift and wisdom you shared with me.  And the reason you had cut back on your ‘signs’ was to teach me that I don’t need signs to be sure that you are still with me. Now I understand that my spirit and not just yours, but the spirits of all my beloved that has already crossed over will always be together. The love and relationships we have with each other cannot be lost by anything-not even death. Nothing is more powerful than love. And that has brought me even closer to not just you but the others as well.

To say thank you for your love, protection and guidance for another year is so inadequate. I will close by promising you I will focus more on looking forward-not remembering the past- because you have taught me that you and the others will still be with me every step of the way. I know it is wrong to think about the past. I know that the right and best and the thing needed is to live only in the present-as you dog’s do! And I know you will help me do just that Slim.  Love always!



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Love never dies.

Mom to Ranger (PB's Long Ranger), Esso (Kiowa Stay Over) and Cookie the rattie mix

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