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Hi, we're new here!

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I just joined GreyTalk...I hope you have room for a Fuzzy Fan!  I've never had a greyhound but we currently have our second and third Staghounds, 3-year-old littermates Kaja and Potter, who we've had for 5 months and 1 month.  Before them we had our beautiful girl Keira, and before Keira there was the guy who started it all, our goofy Fletcher.  Fletch was a vet school practice dog we adopted in the early 90's from our vet student friends.  He looked and acted like what you'd get if you mixed a golden retriever with a greyhound or whippet.  He awoke our love of sighthounds--but living in Minnesota, we also appreciated his thick winter-proof fur.  So three years after he passed, when we were finally ready for another dog, I started trying to find a long-haired sighthound and landed on Staghounds. Keira was mellow and bombproof and inspired no Googling,  but timid Kaja and Potter have led me to GreyTalk as I researched "Greyhound freezing on walks" and "Greyhound statuing" :rolleyes:  I've had dogs all my life, and trained a couple of them years ago--Fletch even went to flyball and agility class--but I've learned SO much by reading the "Training and Behavior" forum here!   And, although Greyhounds and Staghounds are dogs, they are, well, quirky dogs--and it's so helpful to have the wisdom of experienced sighthound owners! (Plus their quirks are so fun to read about :)).
I hope these pictures work...here is our beautiful Keira, in her "CoverGirl SuperModel" pose, and the girls Kaja (right) and Potter (left).

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Cuties :wub:

Welcome from Germany.

Sorry for butchering the english language. I try to keep the mistakes to a minimum.


Nadine with Paddy (Zippy Mullane), Saoirse (Lizzie Be Nice), Abu (Cillowen Abu) and bridge angels Colin (Dessies Hero) and Andy (Riot Officer).

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:welcome    Gorgeous pups. all! Keep the photos and stories coming.

Irene ~ Owned and Operated by Jenny (Jenny Rocks ~ 11/24/17) ~ JRo, Jenny from the Track

Lola (AMF Won't Forget ~ 04/29/15 -07/22/19) - My girl. I'll always love you.

Wendy (Lost Footing ~ 12/11/05 - 08/18/17) ~ Forever in our hearts. "I am yours, you are mine".

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Welcome to greytalk!!  I knew someone here in MD who had a staghound years ago - great doggy!  Can't wait to hear stories about yours!  (And truly, we love ALL sighthounds here...  oh, and Dobies too...  and poodles... and, well, you get the picture!)

Jeannine with Lili & Okie, the kitty sisters and Cody grey-girl waiting at the bridge (along with kitties Weenie & Merlin)

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Yes...love the fuzzies. Your girls are gorgeous!


Nancy...Mom to Sid (Peteles Tiger), Kibo (112 Carlota Galgos) and Mario (2nd Chance Rescue).   Missing Casey, Gomer, Mona, Penelope, BillieJean, Bandit, Nixon (Starz Sammie),  Ruby (Watch Me Dash) and especially  Nigel (Nigel), waiting at the Bridge




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Lovely fuzzies. :beatheart

Standard Poodle Daisy (12/13); Greys Hildy (Braska Hildy 7/10), Toodles (BL Toodles 7/09), Opal (Jax Opal 7/08)
Missing Cora (RL Nevada 5/99-10/09), Piper (Cee Bar Easy 2/99-1/10), Tally (Thunder La La 9/99-3/10), Edie (Daring Reva 9/99-10/12), Dixie (Kiowa Secret Sue 11/01-1/13), Jessie (P's Real Time 11/98-3/13), token boy Graham (Zydeco Dancer 9/00-5/13), Cal (Back Already 12/99-11/13), Betsy (Back Kick Beth 11/98-12/13), Standard Poodles Minnie (1/99-1/14) + Perry (9/98-2/14), Annie (Do Marcia 9/03-10/14), Pink (Miss Pinky Baker 1/02-6/15), Poppy (Cmon Err Not 8/05-1/16), Kat (Jax Candy 5/05-5/17), Ivy (Jax Isis 10/07-7/21)

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Thanks, everyone!  They are such sweeties, we love our fuzzy girls!  EllenEveBaz, Staghounds are an informal "breed" that has been bred for over a hundred years (Teddy Roosevelt reportedly hunted with staghounds).  They are a mix of greyhound, Scottish Deerhound, Irish Wolfhound, or Borzoi.  Mixing the heavier-coated breeds with the greyhound was supposed to produce a fast dog with more endurance and thicker skin.  (There are also greyhounds crossed with non-sighthounds--coonhounds or other scent hounds--they are called lurchers and tend to be smooth like greyhounds.)  I think most staghounds these days have parents who are both staghounds--although our girls reportedly have a retired racer for a dad and a wolfhound for a mom (which I just can't believe; they're pretty petite at 50 pounds each).  Staghounds are commonly used for coyote hunting in the Dakotas, Iowa, etc.  Our current girls were failed hunters from North Dakota; our previous girl Keira was a failed hunter from Iowa. They are very greyhound-like in their personalities, and although of course they don't share the usual upbringing that racing greyhounds have, they do tend to be kennel-raised and have unkown socialization with people (I don't know how the hunters typically treat/interact with their dogs).  Our Keira, who was abandoned at an Iowa pound at age 1-2 because she had absolutely zero prey drive, was sweet, mellow, and bombproof.  She wasn't super affectionate (and didn't even know how to wag her tail when we got her), but was calm and sweet and just wanted to hang out by us.  She was sweet with little kids and little dogs and had zero resource issues (although she did sleep startle a couple times in her first year with us).  When we had to put her to sleep at age 11-12, we were devastated but knew we wanted another staghound...and we ended up with two!  Kaja and Potter are sweet, timid, affectionate, and have no resource issues or sleep startle issues.  Potter loves everyone but Kaja is hesitant with new people.  They are couch potatoes who feel that 30 seconds of yard zoomies needs a good 5-hour nap. Keira (who was almost 80 pounds and very shaggy) hated heat and loved winter; she needed booties below zero but otherwise loved her Minnesota winter walkies.  Kaja is quite furry, Potter a bit less so, so we'll see how they feel about cold!  (I know they lived in outdoor runs with an unheated dog house in their former life, poor girls).

So, now you know a bit about staghounds!

(and one more picture because they're so cute) https://photos.app.goo.gl/rYLW3RWQosukmM277

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