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What is happening to Vonnie's nose?

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I wish I could remember how long ago - a week, two max, I noticed what looked like an abrasion on Vonnie's nose.  There was a bit of fur stuck to it, which I cleaned off, thinking it would just heal.

Instead whatever is going on is spreading.  I'll try to get a better photo tomorrow, when the light is better, and when she isn't hiding in the crate so I stop trying to hold her still.  Here is a photo showing the top area.

We are seeing an internal med vet Wednesday for another issue, and I will ask her what she thinks, but in the meantime, does this look familiar to anyone?  I am trying to figure out what is going on.

Thank you!



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I clicked on this because Ken had a recurrent wart/sore on his nose which turned out to be one of the symptoms of muco-cutaneous lupus.* But it didn't look like that, and his main symptom was raw, inflamed nailbeds, which I take it Vonnie doesn't have?

There are quite a few potential causes for a sore nose in a dog, including bacterial and fungal infections and even sunburn! Yes do  get the vet to check it out, and maybe put some soothing cream on meanwhile - though that would need to be one it's safe for her to ingest, as inevitably she'll try to lick it off.

*Which once we had got it diagnosed by a veterinary dermatologist proved easy enough to treat, and keep at bay.

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Hard to tell from the picture. One of my iggies had pemphigus on his nose. It spread across it, peeled, and curled like a handlebar mustache. We put vitamin E oil on it.

Mazy had a histiocytoma come up on her nose. Biopsied to confirm. It was pink and raised up though.


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