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Springtime Joint Heath vs Dasuquin Advanced Joint Health

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Walter will be 12 in November and my vet suggested that I put him on Dasuquin Advanced Joint Health. He's already on Springtime Joint Health which was recommended from GTers. He's also on Fresh Factors. I like both supplements for Walter (&Ernie, too) so I am not inclined to change it. He's on pain medication for arthritis as well. Getting old sucks. 



7218108076_e406044464_t.jpg 7004700518_27fa752995_t.jpg Walter (Windy Walker) and Ernie (PG Ernest) @WalterWallerson and IG: WalterandErnie 7150803233_d0700ccbdc_t.jpg 7004711314_ceba54665a_t.jpg

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Sheba will be 12 in January. My vet, too, recommended the Dasuquin Advanced, which requires a prescription, and I had her on it for a while but later on decided to just order the Dasuquin with MSM soft chews joint health large dog supplement through Chewy.com instead because it's easier and less expensive. She also gets GlycoFlex joint support and Pet Tabs daily and is on Tramadol for arthritis. So far, she's doing quite well. I see no reason for you to change unless you want to.

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Agreed. If the current protocol is working why change?

Walter, 12 is swell, keep it going!

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We've always used the reg Dasuquin and it's worked well for our hounds. 


I take a "human" version :D

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I always believe that 'if it works don't fix it."  I am a BIG believer in Springtime's Fresh Factors and other products. THEY WORK.  They are also SAFE. I wouldn't even consider switching to an Rx product or any other. There's no need. IMO nothing is better or more effective than the SAFE EFFECTIVE products Springtime offers.  And that applies to allergy issues to, not just musculoskeletal stuff.  I take Springtime products myself. I do sometimes supplement an older dog with microlactin from Swanson Vitamin company.  I have found it to be an effective and safe(its a dairy product) anti-inflammatory that is marketed for dogs as "Duralactin."  Much cheaper to get the non-trademark product from Swanson. It is tasteless and I get it in 500mg capsules and just sprinkle the contents from a capsule on their food twice a day when they are fed. The actual Duralactin tabs are kind of big and kind of hard so it might be objectionable to some dogs anyway.

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