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Comfort for Amputee Greyhounds

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This is an update from my first post here.

River (10) had her broken toe amputated. She just had her stitches and bandaid removed last weekend and she did excellent! 

She has been her normal happy self but we noticed she is rather stiff, usually whenever she gets up from a relaxed position or after a long nap. I feel like she wasn't always the best at balance because of how old she is and I'm sure at her age after racing until she was 8 she has stiff and sore aches in her joints, and now she has a missing toe on top of that after 10 years of life. 

What are some things we could do to help her relax? She deserves to be happy and healthy. I don't want to touch her paw until she is more adjusted, it's only been a total of three weeks I believe from the entire ordeal. 

Any suggestions? Any advice from experience from people who have had amputatee greyhounds and or other animals?

Thank you! 

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It will take a while for her foot to shift into a post-amp configuration,  so she may limp at bit for several months.  An nsaid or gabapentin might give her some support through this time.

At ten years old, she should also be on a joint supplement, and perhaps an nsaid anyway for general arthritis.

You can also try acupuncture and canine massage therapy to help keep her up and going in top shape.  Gentle walks on soft surfaces to keep her active physically, and visiting new places to stimulate her mentally.

Glad shes doing good!  :thumbs-up

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talk to your vet, he will prescribe the correct med for her discomfort. there is no reason for post surgical discomfort nor arthritic discomfort. it's finding the right drug combo. a smart vet will go for full comfort and then have you figure out how much of a reduction can be tolerated. also their needs do change as they age. so, one drug may work for a period of time and then stop working. it's trial and error.

i never found joint supplements worked for my dogs, nasid, gabapentin, tramadol, predisone- yes. massage and chiropractic adjustments offered short term relief. 

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