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Mycoplasma haemocanis Another Tick Borne Disease

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I had an earlier post regarding blood around the nails of my Greyhound, Pandi.  She was diagnosed with SLO.  

They ran Tick Titers and PCR as part of the diagnosis. At one time she tested positive for Babesia, but in now negative.  

However, she was positive for Mycoplasma haemocanis.  Is anyone familiar with this TBD?  Is this normally included in tick titers?  Luckily Pandi was not anemic as the disease was not active, and doxycycline should take care of it.


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it's really scary how many tick borne diseases are out there these days. our vet did tell us that the number of strange parasitic disease that are being identified is down right scary. glad that the doxy should take care of it. probiotics, pecid ac and maybe an anti-nausea will keep your dog feeling much better during the long haul of doxy. our boy just went thru 6 weeks of doxy with those add ons and he was fine, no stomach upset what so ever. 

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I had never heard of that one, had to look it up. This site has some information:


Sounds like you don't have to worry about it much unless your dog becomes immunocompromised or loses her spleen so it's good you're addressing it now. 

I would bet it was diagnosed through PCR. If your vet hasn't already suggested it, I would rerun it after treatment to make sure it's gone. I don't know about this one in particular, but TBDs can be tricky to eradicate completely.


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