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Pad on foot worn off by running?

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My grey ran in the backyard this morning with some other dogs, playing chase up and down the fenced-in yard edge. Two dogs on the other side of the fence, one on his side (my other pup, not a grey), running along a mostly dirt track. When he got back inside, I noticed he was bleeding. He seems to have worn off or torn off a bit of the surface of his paw pad (about the size of a dime or nickel: see image attached). Does anyone have suggestions of 1) how to protect this while healing, and 2) any thoughts on how to protect him in the future? I don't want to keep him from running; he loves it. But I also want to keep the poor guy safe. 


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First I would survey the fence line for any rocks/sticks/sharp objects sticking up as that looks more like a cut or split than a worn spot.  He may need a vet visit if you can't get it to start granulating and healing.  Feet are very hard to deal with!

Get some Dermagel or other wound spray and apply after soaking the foot in warm-to-hot water with epsom salts daily.  Keep dry and lightly covered with a toddler sock.  For outside make sure you keep the foot dry.  Use some Paws rubber booties, or other walking boots you may have.

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