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Small cut on hind leg

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OK, so I know if I went thru all the posts I could find this exact topic covered  half a dozen times. But I am lazy, and I just want to post it again. OK, so our hound, Bullet, has gotten a small scrape on his hind leg, just below his knee, and above the ankle - not sure if these terms will work, but they do for me. Anyways, the scrape is about 1 inch long, by about 1/8 inch wide. The meat is showing thru in this area, but it is very shallow - just the top layer of skin is gone, and of course the hair. So, needless to say he is licking this quite often, and making it even bigger. It was slightly smaller when we first noticed it. I know he will just lick off antibiotic cream, and most likely will tear any kind of dressing we could put on it. Not sure about this, as this is the first time. What are the suggestions? I certainly don't want to put a cone on him. 

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I often think wounds like this repair quicker without any dressing or cream on them but the problem is to stop him licking it. You could try an old clean sock with the toe cut out and tape it top and bottom around the sock not his fur, if you know what I mean, and change it regularly to try and keep it dry.

Adding bitter apple to the dressing would persuade him not to lick it. And telling him NO every time he's about to go near the wound.

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Buddy had a similar thing a few months ago after crashing into a wall during a zoomie. We left it uncovered and I didn’t stop him from licking. It took a couple of weeks but it healed up on its own. A few months on and there is hardly even a scar. Our groomer recommends an antiseptic spray called Leucerin - I’m not sure if it’s sold in the States, but that might help to keep it clean.

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Nigel is always getting little scrapes like this and he loves to lick them, which usually makes them bleed and get bigger. 

He has had a couple of granulomas which can be difficult to treat.

Google 'lick granuloma' 

When Nigel starts non-stop licking I just cover it with vet wrap for a day or so.  He does not try and rip it off. 



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