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How old is this greyhound

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This dog looks a lot like my Lola. She had similar white markings when we got her at 2 years old. 

I wonder if she’s got Molotov in her bloodline? Going to check on that. 

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Kili's sister is a black and white parti colour with a full mask over each eye. She was almost completely grey by 12 months. Kili started to lose her half mask noticeably at about 2.5-3.

When I picked Kenna up, her mother (who is also a brindle) was about 3.5 years old and had significant amounts of white over her eyebrows and muzzle. Kenna turned 3 in March and I'm just starting to see the white creeping in around her eyes.

Greyhound are known for going grey young, but certain lines and individuals are earlier than others.

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OK, so it's possible that this dog is as young as 18 months (he may even have been born with that white spot on his chin). That is reassuring as the energy level is puppy-like. That behaviour in a four year old would suggest a problem dog. With no tatto you never can be sure. I had the opportunity to spend time with two 10 month old greyhound puppies and their intensity and endless energy terrified me.  A non-stop ball of wrestling dogs.

Thanks everyone. I think I have a real gem on my hands. For an 18 month old he is relatively chill.

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They begin to mellow out a bit after 12-14 months of age.  Their adult personality begins to come through, and they start acting more like a "normal" dog instead of a tasmanian devil shark with extra sharp teeth!!!  There's also some puppy phases they go through between 12-18 months that help slow them down some.  Of course, this is all offset by the hormones raging, but all in all, I'll take the hormones!

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On 7/16/2019 at 5:24 PM, Shannon said:

Maybe that’s why they’re called “grey” hounds 🤪 ...




Seriously, I saw the photo before I read the caption and I thought to myself "two years". 


Missing my heart dog Liberty, the world's best blackngreylabhound


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our Nube (black) started going grey at 3.  I think it just is much more noticeable on the darker dogs early.  Cute pup :)

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