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9 year old male who is now limping on right rear leg...a little swollen..limps on soft material(bed carpeting etc) after a couple of steps on hard surface seems better.  Stiff when he first stands up. Is notin pain..still wants to go for walks jumps around and gets excited and plays. we know he had injuries when he raced but could not find out what. He only raced 1 race and we got him  at 2 years of age.  He did have a punture wound on that foot a few months ago that vet took care of and then had to have a cancerous growth removed from same leg .

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The GT member who started this thread can you give you some insight as to your boy's track career and possibly some info on recorded injuries.



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Could it be an injury he has picked up from running around? Buddy has a similar thing on his front leg at the minute which is improving as the days go by, but he is stiff on getting up then he seems to walk it off. I think that was from a particularly vigorous zoomie on some uneven ground resulting in a twisted wrist (wrist? Ankle?). Another possibility is a broken claw that isn’t completely broken off, that produced similar symptoms too. But if you’ve had him for seven years you’ve probably already experienced that once or twice and know what it looks like.

What kind of cancer did yours have? I would probably want to exclude the possibility of a recurrence if it’s one that is difficult to completely remove, or one that that may have metastasised.

There are other people on this forum with a lot more experience than me (Buddy has been with us for just over a year), and they will be able to give you much clearer advice. Hopefully he’ll shake it off.

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Definitely would go to the vet, maybe not emergency vet, but vet nonetheless. Especially with the history of cancer.

If there's anything I've learned with these guys it's that it could be anything. We met a hound when we were volunteering at the kennel who had managed to rupture an interior vessel in his groin area and blood was pooling down near his knee, causing big-time swelling. Now, that's a freak thing - even the kennel people couldn't figure out how he could have done it - and not a big deal in the long run, but still took a vet visit to fix.

Have you checked for corns on that foot? Corns have multiple causes, and a puncture injury to a pad can be one of them.

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