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Profender - Where to find it?

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Hi there! 

I was wondering if anybody knew where I could purchase Profender for my Greyhound. We have gone through 3-4 sessions of Panacur and Drontal with no luck. Our vet recommend Profender and said they could administer it but not order it. Doesn't seem to be to prevalent online, I just see it for cats. Anybody have insight into this or know where I can find it?

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I think I'd double check with my vet, if it's only for cats then it hasn't been tested on dogs. It also has a repeat of what's in Drontal (the praziquantel), you might want to consult someone other than this vet (maybe the mfg) about the safety of doubling up on that component.

If you're in the US you should really be using something with moxidectin as the active ingredient (Advantage Multi, Coraxis), that's the only thing that seems to help with the larvae of hooks. Have you checked out the recent hookworm threads here, or the facebook group "getting rid of parasites"?

If your pup has US hookworms then it's probably going to take a while to get rid of them, and your vet probably isn't familiar with the problem as it exists today, or the protocols to deal with it. We had to educate ours.

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