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nicely made martingale leash combo

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FYI- just incase your looking for something a tad different. I just received the 5ft length martingale leash combo from https://www.etsy.com/listing/642352469/agility-leash-barn-hunt-martingale-leash?ref=hp_rv-1&cns=1

I opted for no padding in the handle and 1" webbing for the collar works for us. I'm sharing this since the workmanship and hardware are excellent!  This is the pattern Joe choose but in teal electric bolt! It's nicely lined w/ a fluffy fleece. We use a thin (1/2") tag collar for ID. (the picture below is a slip lead, but the correct pattern)


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Thanks for sharing! This is dangerous for me as I have a severe collar/lead addiction! ;)

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