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Soft shoes

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Hello, sorry if this has been asked many times before!

Our greyhound has corns on 3 of his feet, he has some ruff wear shoes but they have destroyed his skin on the rest of his feet (ended up walking funny, tripping over and the smashing his face into the floor. Poor lad!)

So my question is, what are the best boots/socks out there that will protect his pads as well as not causing him anymore injuries!


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Most peop,e use Therapaws for their corn dogs.  Make sure you measure *very* accurately,  and contact them if no size seems appropriate for your dog.  They can modify them slightly (for a fee, I'm pretty sure).  Make sure your dogs nails are as short as you can get them to help with fit and with the corns.

Many people use toddler socks underneath their boots exactly because of your issue.  They have the added benefit of helping the boots stay on better, as well.  

If you are on Facebook you should join the group "Greyhounds With Corns."  You'll find tons of information and support.

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