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Xylitol Is Deadly For Pets

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I need to put this out here to remind people that Xylitol, which is a sweetener found in certain brands of gum and in some peanut butter is toxic to pets. A woman I know almost lost her beloved family dog after her granddaughter dropped a piece of PUR gum and the dog ate it. Luckily the little girl told her grandpa what happened and after checking the ingredients on the package he rushed the dog to the vet. The dog is going to be ok, but it was a close call.

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Also be careful of medicines and supplements intended for humans. I've heard of Melatonin flavored with Xylitol, children's liquid Benadryl (being used for allergies on a small dog) flavored with Xylitol to make it more palatable to children.

There's a reason my girl chomped down on my thumb when I tried to shove pills down her throat this morning. No Xylitol in the pills.

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GPA Wisconsin had a dog that lost it's life due to finding mints in his owners purse that had xylitol in them :(  another friend had theirs get into something with it but knew it right away and shoved a crapload of sugar into their pup (xylitol causes the blood sugar in dogs to drop drastically, very quickly).  The dog survived because of his actions.

terrible stuff :( 

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Please check even familiar products, Henry got xylitol poisoning and would have died if we hadn't taken him to the evet because the pudding I had been buying for a while switched artificial sweetners. I know some companies were putting it in peanut butter so far.

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